Michelle Obama on Storytelling, Elliott's Trip Across America Blog


TO: Elliott Masie’s NOTES Readers & Colleagues

Storytelling: 5 years ago, I had the honor of hosting and interviewing Michelle Obama at our learning event . We explored the role of Storytelling in her life and above is a video clip of her comments.

Storytelling will be a major focus on the work MASIE Innovations will be doing in the year ahead. We will focus on the power and importance of Storytelling in Business and the personal dimensions of stories.

Elliott’s Tesla Trip Around America: As many of you may know, we are now 7,000 miles into a month long trip around America in our Tesla. Just left St. Louis and heading to Indianapolis.

Follow the daily log of learning conversations and travel experiences at: http://travel.masie.com. One more week of travel and excited about upcoming learning and technology projects!

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie