This may not be curiosity in the whole, but we have been capturing learner "interest" by what links to learning they select (and how active they are), and we are also beginning to coalesce around a KPI that is % of employees actively engaged in voluntary development.

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I am here for this! I'm currently binging everything put out by "The Curiosity Advantage" and trying to find ways to apply this to my work in L&D at a large tech company. So much of tech is fueled by the need to innovate which presupposes curiosity and risk-taking. But how to foster that innately while balancing the need for more traditional learning approaches? I think metrics might be the missing ingredient.

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We talk about curiosity often as it relates to learners in our work here. While we haven't done a formal study of any sort, it seems likely there is strong relationship between curiosity and problem solving abilities/self-sufficiency/intuition.

When something changes or goes wrong, does the learner/employee get stuck, or get curious? Do they default to 'phoning a friend,' or try different approaches and start research?

The way it shows up in learning is in how we design performance support and recommend employees approach the unknown, grounded in the level of risk involved and productivity gained or lost. If someone sees a fire we wouldn't want them to hop online and start researching the physics of it :-)

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Elliott, i probably did not share this with you when i interviewed you for my workplace curiosity book. I have two curiosity diagnostics.

1. One focusing on individual curiosity (measuring cognitive / empathic / intrapersonal curiosity) - this is free and available in 8 languages via this link: https://www.globalcuriosityinstitute.com/survey - sofar 3000+ have taken the diagnostic - everyone gets their individual report

2. one on measuring the environmental aspects to curiosity i.e. how the tribe, the org is allowing curiosity from blossoming through its culture, processes and practices. This one is doing in-company and data are only gathered at aggregate level to ensure privacy.

happy to share more with you if you want. yours in learning / curiosity ;-) stefaan@globalcuriosityinstitute.com

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